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Starters - Wireless

Starters - Wireless

Wireless, the name suggests that networks without wires. why people come with these kinds of solution. Well every time you connect the wires for connectivity and if you want to move to other floor and looking for the place from where you can connect again with the wires to access the various applications or data it seems to be the tough job but if you don't have these wireless connectivity of course you need to search for the wired connections in the offices but now evolution of the technology moves with the seamless  experience where you need not to connect to the wired devices anyhow, you have the wireless AP's ( Access Points ) in your offices and you automatically connected with the wireless.

Brand :                 Cisco Systems
Access Points :     Wireless Device to connect to edge devices
Domain:                Wireless Domain
Audience :            Network Engineers, Cisco Starters, Systems Engineer

So now you understand about the Access points but they are further connected to the WLAN controllers who handles automatic RF powers, channels, authentication and security. These WLAN controllers can be used for inter-controller roaming for wireless mobility group as well. So the concept of connecting to the Various Access points in the offices can be with the different profiling like you have employees ( with the full profiling and can access every application ) , Guest users ( which can only access the basic applications with limited access ) or the VIP users ( where the profiling is prioritised with the high bandwidth capabilities and all ) 

Above shown the basic connectivity of the Access points with the WAN device called as router and all the edge devices will be connected to the access points with the RF signals or channels. we will discuss every part in detail ( RF, Channels used, Authentication and Profiling ) all these features will be described later on with full explanation. This post is basically understanding of the wireless network in offices. There are various wireless Access points and WLAN controllers in the market with various features on the basis of the demand and the architecture if the customer network ( Small scale, Enterprise and Datacenter environment). We will come up with the architectural view of the all the access points and WLAN controllers in the various network.

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